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DIOLDo It On LAN (esports terminology)
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Duranol W8011 is a polycarbonate diol developed by Asahi Kasei and is perfectly suitable as specialty additive for water-based 2K acrylate binder systems (2KPU).
It was found that the characteristic absorption peaks of the carbonate group (-O-COO-C) were observed at around 1250 [cm.sup.-1] in the polyurethane B-PC/H/M, B-PC/H, H-PC/H/M, and H-PC/ H samples synthesized by using polycarbonate diol as the polyol.
[[sup.3]H]Testosterone, [[sup.3]H] dihydrotestosterone, and [[sup.3]H] DIOL were obtained from DuPont-New England Nuclear (Boston, MA).
The elevation of the content or [M.sub.w] of polyether diol was beneficial to extending the molecular chains between adjacent crosslinking points, which decreased the SR of FPUFs.
Mathematical modeling of reaction-diffusion mechanism of PAH diol epoxides in a cell.
([+ or -])-(4R)-Limonene (64) yielded (lS,2S,4R)-p-menth-8-ene-1,2, diol (69) when fermented with the fungus Diplodia gossypina (Scheme 31) while (-)-(4S)-limonene (67) afforded (1R,2R, 4S)-p-menth-8-ene-l ,2-diol (72) by fermentation with D.
Powell, "5-androstene 3[beta], 17[alpha] diol induces autophagic cell death of human breast cancer cells and enhances radiation cytotoxicity," Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research, vol.
Addition of saccharin (one of the reaction products), at constant NCSA and diol concentration, decreases the rate of reaction.
The PAH produce chemicals called diol epoxides, which react with the genetic material to cause mutations and initiate the carcinogenic process.
Table 1: Formulation of the PU coatings using the novel PS- and PrBA- based diols Coating name Diol (g) Acrylic Polyisocyanate MAK polyol (g) (g) (g) PU-PS-PCAP-3% PS-PCAP (0.162) 1.45 0.378 1 PU-PS-PCAP-5% PS-PCAP (0.27) 1.42 0.378 1 PU-PS-PCAP-8% PS-PCAP (0.432) 1.38 0.378 1 PU-PSA-PCAP-3% PtBA-PCAP (0.125) 1.45 0.378 1 PU-PtBA-PCAP-5% PtBA-PCAP (0.205) 1.42 0.378 1 PU-PtBA-PCAP-8% PtBA-PCAP (0.324) 1.38 0.378 1 PU-Pg-PCL-5% Control Pg-PCL (0.12) 1.42 0.378 1 PU-Control - 1.50 0.378 1 MAK: Methyl amyl ketone (solvent), each formulation had 0.1 wt% DBTDL as catalyst Coatings characterization
Tokyo, June 24, 2010 - (JCN) - Ube Industries has announced that its Spain-based subsidiary, Ube Chemical Europe S.A., will open a second production line for polycarbonate diol (PCD) in response to rising global demand.