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DIPDual Inline Package
DIPDebtor In Possession
DIPDigital Image Processing
DIPDistal Interphalangeal (medical)
DIPDuctile Iron Pipe
DIPDatabase of Interacting Proteins
DIPDirectory Integration Platform (Oracle)
DIPDependency Inversion Principle
DIPDocument Image Processing
DIPDesquamative Interstitial Pneumonia
DIPDrunk in Public
DIPDissemination Information Package
DIPDetailed Implementation Plan
DIPDriver Improvement Program
DIPDissolved Inorganic Phosphorus
DIPData, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services
DIPDegradable Intake Protein (animal science)
DIPDifference In Pay
DIPDrugs Intervention Programme (UK)
DIPDie in Place (slang for order to hold ground even if attacked by overwhelming force)
DIPDual Inline Pin
DIPDistal Interphalangeal Predominant (arthritis)
DIPDIACAP Implementation Plan
DIPDirector, International Programs
DIPDubai Investments Park Development Company (also seen as DIPDC; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
DIPDevelopment in Process
DIPDial-up Internet Protocol
DIPDigital Intellectual Property
DIPDepartamento de Información Pública de las Naciones Unidas (Spanish)
DIPDiari personal interactiu (Catalan Interactive personal newspaper)
DIPDiagonal Interleaved Parity
DIPDisplay Information Processor
DIPDefense Imagery Program
DIPDedicated Inside Plant (telecommunications)
DIPDecision in Principal
DIPDirect Industrial Participation (offset term for industrial cooperation linked to the defence industry)
DIPDestination Internet Protocol
DIPDesign Internal Pressure
DIPDual In-Line Packet (switch)
DIPData Integrity Program
DIPDefense Intelligence Plan
DIPDrive Image Professional
DIPData Interface Processor
DIPDoily In Progress
DIPDigital Instrumentation Programmer
DIPDrivers Instrument Panel
DIPDivisión de Investigación Policial
DIPDealer Incentive Package
DIPDisease Ignorance Poverty
DIPDrive Impedance Phase
DIPDirect Indictment Program
DIPDeutsches Institut für angewandte Pflegeforschung eV (German Institute for Applied Nursing Research)
DIPDistrict Incident Plot
DIPDay in Pictures
DIPDepartment of Infrastructure and Planning (Queensland, Australia)
DIPData Integration Project (various organizations)
DIPDay Intensive Program (New York, NY)
DIPDépartement de l'Instruction Publique (French: Department of Public Instruction; Switzerland)
DIPDisability Income Plan (various locations)
DIPDigital Inclusion Project
DIPDucrocq Ingénierie Process (French: Ducrocq Engineering Process)
DIPDocument d'Information Précontractuelle (French: Pre-Contractual information Document)
DIPDéménagements Industriels et Privés (French: Industrial and Private Removals)
DIPDéveloppement Informatique Progiciels (French: Software Development Package)
DIPDeletion/Insertion Polymorphism
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Not even doing that much, so that the old lady were busy and pleased, he would quietly swallow what was given him, merely taking a corrective dip of hands and face into the great bowl of dried rose-leaves, and into the other great bowl of dried lavender, and then would go out, as confident in the sweetening powers of Cloisterham Weir and a wholesome mind, as Lady Macbeth was hopeless of those of all the seas that roll.
Flushes faintly the brow of a naiad that stands In the spray of a fountain, whose seed-amethysts Tremble lightly a moment on bosom and hands, Then dip in their basin from bosom and wrists.
The dip of Eugene Wrayburn's sculls had become hardly audible in his ears when the bargeman passed him, putting the utmost width that he could between them, and keeping under the hedge.
She dips her rim, She sinks, she founders in the mist; and still The stream flows on, and to the insatiate sea Hurries her white-wave flocks innumerable In never-ending tale.
We are delighted with the company's decision to set up a new manufacturing facility at DIP as part of its business objective to provide high quality packaging solutions to customers.
To transform your dip into Mediterranean hummus, add tahini (sesame seed paste), which you can usually find in Middle Eastern or kosher markets or in the gourmet sections of many grocery stores.
Hold other cores undipped for predetermined intervals that might typically occur in production and then dip and evaluate strength after a 1-hr cool down.
One dip and you know you're a long way from Cheez Whiz and Velveeta.
Only a small amount of sheep dip is needed to cause long-term damage to a water-course' cypermethrin dip formulations are particularly damaging, being 100 times more toxic to aquatic life than the traditional organophosphorus (OP) formulas.
Philip Rees, the independent chair of the Sheep Dip Steering Group which leads the initiative, said the programme had a number of key actions to minimise the environmental risks from sheep-dip chemicals, while meeting the needs of the industry.
We are thrilled to be celebrating our third season as Official Dip Sponsor of the NFL," said Greg Greene, Director of Marketing, Sabra.