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DIPADouble India Pale Ale (beer type; aka imperial India Pale Ale)
DIPADivision of International Programs Abroad
DIPADynamic Image Provisioning Application
DIPADual Input Phase Accumulator (electronic component used for frequency synthesis)
DIPADirect Income Producing Activity
DIPADes Images pour Ailes (French: Images for Wings)
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The DIPA (version 2/28/14) is a semi-structured clinical interview developed for children under 6 years of age based on the DSM-4 and updated according to DSM-5.
DIPA and Design Kuu will shortly organize a seminar in Lahore for improving soft image, culture and contacts in Finland and Pakistan.
Unlike the KFIB who could take up to 8 months to issue a license, the New FDI Law establishes that the DIPA must respond within 30 days of receipt of the license application.
HOUSTON -- MPR Services, Dickinson, Texas, has been granted United States Patent # 7,323,600 for a regeneration process for converting oxazolidones such as hydroxypropyloxazolidone (HPOZD) to DEA or DIPA, dependent on the solvent used.
Enormous resiny hop nose, a classic DIPA nose," said Gregg Glaser of Yankee Brew News.
50 HallStar DIPA (HallStar) (Diisopropyl adipate) 15.
DIPA recognises talent, innovation and excellence in the regional printing industry.
In collaboration with Dubai Chambers and organized by the Printing and Publishing Group, DIPA is the largest event of its kind in the region that recognises exceptional talent, innovation and excellence in the regional printing industry.
The company's director and CEO received the prize from Sheikh Hamad Buamim, director general of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ahmad bin Hassan al-Shaikh, chairman of the Printing and Publishing Group, at the DIPA 2012 awards night held at Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel recently.
Throughout the evening, and in the speeches delivered, there was much pride in the recognition of DIPA as an event that has come a long way.
Since its conception, the entries to the DIPA award have shown consistent improvement both in terms of quality and product innovation," said Nicholas Jung, head of the judging panel and scheme director at the London College of Communication.