DIPACDirection de l'Ingénierie Publique et des Affaires Communales (French: Engineering Division Public and Communal Affairs)
DIPACDefence Image Processing and Analysis Centre (India)
DIPACEuropean Workshop on Beam Diagnostics and Instrumentation for Particle Accelerators
DIPACDouglas Island Pink and Chum, Inc. (Juneau, AK)
DIPACDiffusion Industrielle de Produits d'Automatisme et de Contrôle (French: Diffusion of Industrial Automation Products and Control)
DIPACDélégation Internationale pour l'Audit et la Comptabilité (French: International Delegation to the Audit and Accounting; est. 2005)
DIPACDartmouth Israel Public Awareness Committee (Hanover, NH)
DIPACDairy Inspection Program Advisory Committee (Washington)
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Annual production of chum salmon released by DIPAC at Limestone Inlet and Gastineau Channel near Taku Inlet increased from <1 million fry in 1982 to approximately 60 million fry in 1994 and production has generally remained above 40 million since then (Fig.
Each year DIPAC placed a unique thermal mark on fry released near Taku Inlet: one mark for Gastineau Channel early fry, one for Gastineau Channel late fry, and one for Limestone Inlet fry(Fig.
A good portion of last year's chum, or dog salmon, catch in Taku Inlet was due to DIPAC, says Don Ingledue of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.