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DIPGDiffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (tumor)
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Louise is speaking out to encourage as many people as possible to support Abbie's Army, a small UK charity dedicated to funding DIPG research.
In this study, investigators found 78 percent of the DIPG tumors had alterations in one of two genes that carry instructions for making proteins that play similar roles in packaging DNA inside cells.
To learn more about The Maddie James Foundation, DIPG, and Maddie's current condition, or to make a donation please visit: http://www.
YM continues to enrol children with DIPG into a Phase II trial at
Phase III pediatric DIPG trial is scheduled for a poster presentation
with DIPG, the clinical benefit rate, which included Partial Response and
of 21 children with recurrent DIPG had a clinical benefit from treatment with
Eleanor Ager PhD, Novogen GBM Program Manager, said, "TRXE-009 shows remarkably potent killing in the test tube against a wide range of cancer types, but it has been its particularly potent activity against brain cancers including glioblastoma and DIPG that has marked it as a potential treatment of primary brain cancers in both adults in children.
Oncoscience AG is moving to complete this DIPG trial, one in a series
para]]- DIPG cells respond to TRXE-009 in vitro[[/para]]
TRXE-009 previously has been announced as a world-first in having exceptionally high killing activity against adult brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme) stem cells, and against the paediatric brain cancers - medulloblastoma and DIPG (diffuse interstitial pontine glioma) - all tumors that are highly resistant to known chemotherapies.
Study subjects will be placed in one of five treatment groups based on their age and whether or not they have received prior treatment for DIPG.