DIPHDélégation Interministérielle aux Personnes Handicapées (French: Interministerial Delegation for People with Disabilities)
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De la meme facon, <ae> de saeculum est charge de signification et de fonction semiotique (Diph. ff.
Hibiscus), ou lorsqu'il affirme qu'il faut ecrire <prae> dans tous les mots qu'il considere comme etant derives de prae ou composes avec elle (Diph. f.
Ce decoupage, souvent introduit par le quasi de tradition isidorienne (Diph. f.
The DIPH package enhances thermal conductivity by connecting a single, wide lead to two ground pins.
The DIpH increases by at least two times the RMSE of the transfer equation (RMSE = 0.29) at seven of the nine disturbance horizons [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 8 OMITTED].
Other assemblages with abundant pH-circumneutral taxa were specifically sought in scans of samples adjacent to the peaks of DIpH shown in Fig.
saxonica, recover only gradually, over 200-300 yr, causing DIpH to decrease 0.2 to 0.3 unit between disturbances.