DIPIDirect Intra Peritoneal Insemination
DIPIDepartment of Infectious and Pediatric Immunology (University of Debrecen; Hungary)
DIPIDiagnostic et Imagerie des Procédés Industriels (French: Diagnosis and Imaging of Industrial Processes; laboratory)
DIPIDecrease in Pixel Intensity
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He wrestled Alexandre Dipi at the AC Arena Combat 7 in November 2012 and won the fight.
The introduction of the direct intraperitoneal insemination (DIPI) was in 1986 (6).
Pfeiffer, Dipi.-Psych., assistant professor, Department of Psychology, Philipps-University, Marburg, Germany; e-mail: <jens.pfeiffer@staff.uni-marburg.de>.
(14) The very vocabulary used in the northwest for writing inscriptions, the verb ni-pis together with the noun dipi, are Iranian.
(3.) Luciano Canepari, Dizionario di pronuncia italiana (il DiPI) (Bologna: Zanichelli, 1999), 143-145.
Selective Laser Sintering SLS, Selective Laser Melting SLM are used for parts used in chemical and other industrial areas (Smurov 2006, Yadroitsev et all 2007) and also latest research results there at Team Smurov DIPI St.
However, as Lipset notes, while tobacco is 'good' brus marijuana is bad, nogud--and the same is true on the Purari River where tobacco is kuku dipi, 'bad smoke'.
lbney, Beverly COLSA Verm, Charles Stewart & Stevenson TVS Vij, Dipi C.
No, but that's what she tells dipi and Mark before being rushed to hospital; an intruder attacks her at the school, and it remains to be seen whether the baby is okay.
Sonya tells Shane and Dipi she has cancer and puts on a brave face as she prepares for her first chemotherapy session.
Sheila is on the warpath when she suspects that Dipi and Gary are having an affair.
Greenacre, DVM, Dipi ABVP (Avian, Exotic Companion Mammal), Robert George, DVM, Sherry Cox, PhD, and Tomas Martin-Jimenez, DVM, PhD, Dipi ACVCP, Dipi ECVPT