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DIPJDeclaração de Informações Econômico-Fiscais da Pessoa Jurídica (Portuguese: Statement of Economic and Tax Information of Legal Entities; Brazil)
DIPJDistal Interphalangeal Joint
DIPJDirections Interrégionales de la Police Judiciaire (French: Interregional Directorates of the Judicial Police)
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The boutonniere deformity referred to disruption of the central slip at the insertion into the base of the middle phalanx and leaded to the flexion of the PIPJ and extension at the DIPJ [Figure 8].
Como exemplo, e possivel citar o Demonstrativo de Apuracao de Contribuicoes Sociais (DACON) e a Declaracao de Informacoes Economico-Fiscais da Pessoa Juridica (DIPJ) substituidos, posteriormente a realizacao dessa pesquisa, pela Escrituracao Fiscal Digital das Contribuicoes e pela Escrituracao Contabil Fiscal, respectivamente.
the work will include installation of approx 200 lf of 8" dipj; 4 ea 8" horizontal or vertical bends, 1 ea connection type b-1, furnish, install and remove 1 ea 8" chlorine tube; 2 ea sample tap, pipe, reducer and fittings; install 1 ea hydrant for type 5 hydrant (end of main - reducer).