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DIPOLESDefense Intelligence Photoreconnaissance On-Line Exploitation System
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The model could approximate this magnetic field using a few virtual magnetic dipoles.
Here the field-induced shape and crystallization transitions occurred because formamide, like water and many other materials, is characterized by a relatively large electric dipole moment.
While the Langmuir-Blodnett rown films of PMVC could adopt a geometric structure with all dipoles pointing to one direction and all the methyl groups sitting on one side of molecule, as shown schematically in Fig.
Key words: electric dipole moment; superthermal production; ultracold neutron.
Because the electron spin can be seen as a magnetic dipole, a system of many spin vectors is nothing but a system of many magnetic dipole vectors interacting with each other via magnetic dipole-dipole couplings.
In low temperature dielectric experiments, the orientation of localized dipoles is measured in the presence of an alternating electrical field over a range of temperatures.
Within this simple model the well depth is [DELTA]/9, independent of the resonant dipole interaction strength and the potential minimum is at [R.
But before getting to the FX500's good performance, let me explain what chiefly goes with conventional side dipoles.
5), changes in the capacitance signal are driven primarily by the ability of dipoles to orient themselves to the oscillating electric field.
where [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the total polarization created by ion dipoles in acoustic medium.