DIPRADuctile Iron Pipe Research Association (formerly Cast Iron Pipe Research Association; Birmingham, AL)
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Their development continues, with a variety of proprietary joints available from DIPRA's member company manufacturers.
"An altogether too frequent result has been that utility and consulting engineers have had to base corrosion control design decisions on contradictory recommendations," says Richard Bonds, research and technical director, Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA).
In recognition of this, DIPRA, Birmingham, AL, and the Corrpro Companies Inc., Medina, OH, worked together to help utility owners/managers and consulting engineers address corrosion issues more effectively.
DIPRA has represented the interests of the iron pipe industry since 1915.
Explains Bonds: "To better serve the water and wastewater industries, DIPRA and Corrpro tapped their extensive knowledge and experience to jointly develop a practical, cost-effective corrosion control solution."
* Analysis of the extensive corrosion databases of DIPRA and Corrpro, including 1,379 physical inspections;
DDM services can be arranged through either DIPRA or Corrpro.
"The strength, durability and ease of installation of ductile iron pipe have made it a favorite of water and wastewater utilities that want reliable systems," says L.(L (Glenn) Horn, RE., director of regional engineers, Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA).
"In 2004," he says, "DIPRA and Corrpro Companies Inc.
American Ductile Iron Pipe, the Ductile Iron Pipe Association (DIPRA) and others are actively promoting ductile iron pipe's appropriateness for trenchless installation.