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DIPSDefense-Independent Pitching Statistics (baseball)
DIPSDynamic Isotope Power System
DIPSDirect Intrahepatic Portocaval Shunt
DIPSDigital Imagery Processing System
DIPSDefense Intelligence Production Schedule
DIPSDepartment of Interior Payroll System (US)
DIPSDevelopment Infrastructure Policy and Standards (Canada)
DIPSDetection, Intercept, Passive Submarine
DIPSDraco Invictus Points System (Everquest gaming)
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The beautiful candle is extinguished and I have henceforth, only a wretched tallow dip which smokes in my nose.
If they attack our center we, having the center battery on this high ground, shall withdraw the left flank under its cover, and retreat to the dip by echelons.
Like the man he was, he followed up his advantage with a comparison that made me dip viciously.
Toward the last the basket had hovered constantly close to his hand, and, at the last, he made one final dip.
A friend, meeting him and learning what he wanted, said, "If you would be cured, take a piece of bread, and dip it in the blood from your wound, and go and give it to the Dog that bit you.
It was a fair highway, through the Land of Lost Delight; shadow and sunshine were blessedly mingled, and every turn and dip revealed a fresh charm and a new loveliness to eager hearts and unspoiled eyes.
Not even doing that much, so that the old lady were busy and pleased, he would quietly swallow what was given him, merely taking a corrective dip of hands and face into the great bowl of dried rose-leaves, and into the other great bowl of dried lavender, and then would go out, as confident in the sweetening powers of Cloisterham Weir and a wholesome mind, as Lady Macbeth was hopeless of those of all the seas that roll.
Flushes faintly the brow of a naiad that stands In the spray of a fountain, whose seed-amethysts Tremble lightly a moment on bosom and hands, Then dip in their basin from bosom and wrists.
The dip of Eugene Wrayburn's sculls had become hardly audible in his ears when the bargeman passed him, putting the utmost width that he could between them, and keeping under the hedge.
The company has determined that some recent shipments of Hy-Vee dips and sour cream do not meet quality standards.
Louise of Studio City misplaced a delicious dip recipe shared by a a reader years ago that was made with a package of cream cheese, either canned beans, refried beans or canned chili and maybe some shredded cheese.