DIPSIDirect Implicit Plasma Surface Interactions
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Of the 200 women, 31/200 (15.5%, 95% CI: 10.93-21.44) tested positive with the DIPSI criteria, and 26/200 (10.5%, 95% CI: 6.77-15.81) tested positive in the 100 gm OGTT as per the CCC.
The 75 g DIPSI criteria with a 2 hour cut-off value of [greater than or equal to]140 mg/dL is a notch simpler than the WHO-IADPSG criteria because it offers both screening and diagnosis with a single-step non-fasting OGTT, which is immensely practical, economical, feasible, and convenient for patients and obstetric healthcare providers.
Even if the DIPSI test is to be repeated in each trimester, the cost of performing DIPSI procedures will be less than the cost of performing any other diagnostic procedures because it requires little preparation, without requiring the prior interposition of the screening test.
The DIPSI criteria have high sensitivity, specificity, negative predictive values and diagnostic accuracy.
Comparison of IADPSG And DIPSI Criteria for Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
The findings of the study show that the HsCRP, fasting insulin levels, and BMI of GDM versus non-GDM cases diagnosed by any of the criteria mentioned above IADPSG, DIPSI, or modified C and C values were found to be higher among GDM as compared to non-GDM, and differences were found to be statistically significant for HsCRP, fasting insulin, and BMI, suggesting that gestational diabetes is a condition of IR.
(7) In a study done in 2013 using the DIPSI criteria, 13.4% were diagnosed as GDM.
The advantages of DIPSI procedure are that the pregnant women need not be fasting, would cause least disturbance in a pregnant woman's routine activities and serves as both screening and diagnostic procedure.
Out of 24, 656 pregnancies screened by December, 2013--3,561 were screened positive on OGTT (as per DIPSI guideline)--thus the recent most prevalence of GDM was found to be 14.42%.
But more intuitively, the difference of this vastness is vested in single abnormal value approach as it is used in this study as per DIPSI guidelines, compared to the 3 values of OGTT.
Incidence of GDM in the studied Indian population is 14.42% which relies on DIPSI recommendation--based on other screening criteria, this value varies considerably.
Diabetes in pregnancy study group India (DIPSI) procedure of diagnosis is a modified version of the WHO criteria.