DIPTDiisopropyltryptamine (psychedelic drug)
DIPTDiploma of Teaching
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For being an idle boy lang syne; Who read Anacreon and drank wine, I early found Anacreon rhymes Were almost passionate sometimes-- And by strange alchemy of brain His pleasures always turned to pain-- His naiveté to wild desire-- His wit to love-his wine to fire-- And so, being young and dipt in folly, I fell in love with melancholy,
Once I dipt into the future far as human eye could see,
A few of those biscuits, dipt in sea-water, will be just what I need for breakfast.
At once on th' Eastern cliff of Paradise He lights, and to his proper shape returns A Seraph wingd; six wings he wore, to shade His lineaments Divine; the pair that clad Each shoulder broad, came mantling o're his brest With regal Ornament; the middle pair Girt like a Starrie Zone his waste, and round Skirted his loines and thighes with downie Gold And colours dipt in Heav'n; the third his feet Shaddowd from either heele with featherd maile Skie-tinctur'd grain.
The Dippers Dipt and Daniel Featley are frequently cited in a variety of Baptist historical studies, but few have given extensive attention to the context of the book and the breadth of its contents.
Larval competition for patch y resources in Chrysomya megacephala (Dipt., Calliphoridae): Implications of the spatial distribution of immatures.
Nasopharyngeal myiasis in man caused by larvae of Clogmia (Telmatoscopus) albipunctatus Williston (Psychodidae, Dipt.).
[9.] Greathead DJ Study in East Africa of the Bean Flies (Dipt., Agromyzidae) Affecting Phaseolus vulgaris and their Natural Enemies, with the Description of a New Species of Melanogromyza Hend.
Deep-fried with Golden Dipt Cajun mixed half-and-half with coarse corn meal.
Scott, "An account of the developmental stages of some aphidophagous Syrphidae (Dipt.) and their parasites (Hymenopt.)," Annals of Applied Biology, vol.
Dipt di ing, applicata university of salerno, Fisciano, Italy.