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DIRADuke International Relations Association (Duke University; Durham, NC)
DIRADocumentation Information Ressources Alternatives (French; Canadian student organization)
DIRADigital Integrating Rate Assembly
DIRADisclaimer in Resume Applies
DIRADirekt Rabatt
DIRADefense Industrial Relations Activity
DIRADuodenal Insulin-Releasing Activity
DIRADocumentation, Information, Références et Archives (French: (Documentation, Information, References and Archives; Canada)
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NewsGator's Social Sites software works within the DIRA framework to deliver specialized social business capabilities that enhance productivity and business performance through employee empowerment, collaboration and communication.
Microsoft has developed the principles of the DIRA Framework in conjunction with the technology adoption plans and solution strategies of its key partners.
Instead of planting suspect devices, the DIRA will be planting trees with the intention of turning over a new leaf and getting back to their roots.