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DIRACDistributed Infrastructure with Remote Agent Control
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In addition, the 3D DIRAC audio technology that has been well received by consumers in our previous generation HOT 6, has been extended in the HOT 7.It provides a full sound that is all rounded and suitable for both indoor and outdoor listening without the need for earphones.
In his work, the Dirac equation was extended by applying 8-dimensional spinors for the decomposition of the square root in the covariant equation of special relativity.
For a particle whose rest-mass and Dirac [6, 7] wavefunction are [m.sub.0] and [psi] respectively, the corresponding Dirac [6.7] equation is given by:
Alhaidari [11-13] applies a unitary transformation to Dirac equation such that the resulting second-order differential equation becomes Schroodinger-like equation so that comparison with the well-known nonrelativistic problems is transparent.
As it is typically the case regarding the quantization of systems with an infinite number of degrees of freedom, also in the quantization of the Dirac field in curved space-time, one must face the issue of ambiguity, or lack of uniqueness in the quantization procedure.
The slight shift in the Dirac point is the result of the p-type doping effect due to the charge carrier induction.
Their findings, published in the journal Nature Materials, demonstrate a very general mechanism for generating multiple sets of topological surface states and three-dimensional Dirac fermions all within the same material.
The energy and momentum relation of an electron used by Dirac (3) was equivalent to that of the Klein--Gordon equation.
We consider the following boundary value problem generated by the canonical Dirac system
It is well known that the Dirac equation plays a fundamental role in relativistic quantum physics [1].
In the present study, we hypothesized that appropriate three dictionaries of MCA specifically for EEG recording data were undecimated wavelet transform (UDWT), discrete sine transform (DST), and DIRAC (aka standard unit vector basis, or Kronecker basis) Fadili et al.
Abstract: Silicene is a monolayer allotrope of silicon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure with massless Dirac fermion characteristics similar to graphene.