DIRBEDiffuse Infrared Background Experiment
DIRBEDiffuse Infrared Background Explorer
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cross-correlated the all-sky COBE DMR 2year sky maps with far infrared COBE DIRBE maps and found evidence for a component of microwave emission that correlates with the large-scale structure in the infrared maps.
The DMR are mounted directly on the sides of the helium dewar containing the FIRAS and DIRBE instruments [45].
Consequently, the radiation indexes (DirBe and DifBe) tended to be larger in the "bambuzal" than the other environments, although " bambuzal" and gaps did not present significant difference for DifBe.
Now, however, two research groups have painstakingly subtracted these "local" infrared sources, enabling them to quantify the far-infrared background at DIRBE's two longest wavelengths.
Another team, which includes Marc Davis of the University of California, Berkeley, stumbled upon the infrared background while using DIRBE to measure the amount of dust in the Milky Way.
Sio straipsnio tikslas--issiaiskinti, kokius aspektus visame mokyklos projektavimo procese isskyre ir su ugdymo nuostatomis bande susieti iki siol dirbe tyrejai.
Kai viena dalis darbuotoju kokybiskai neatlieka uzduociu todel, kad nesugeba, kita dalis todel, kad nesistengia, trecioji dalis darbuotoju, nuosirdziai dirbe, po tam tikro laiko atkuria socialini teisinguma, sumazindami savo pastangas.
Zodiacal light and point sources have been removed from the map, and the regions of the sky which were not observed by the IRAS satellite have been replaced by DIRBE data.
I klasicistinio stiliaus parku meno tendenciju raida svaru indeli inese isteigti Vilniaus, Gardino botanikos sodai ir juose dirbe sios srities profesoriai ir specialistai: J.
At the January meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Phoenix, Arizona, Thomas Kelsall (NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center) presented four new all-sky images made with COBE's Diffuse Infrared Background Experiment, or DIRBE. Shown above, they represent a vast improvement over earlier versions, as they incorporate more data and benefit from more sophisticated computer processing.