DIRENDirection Régionale de l'Environnement (French: Regional Directorate of Environment)
DIRENDisaster Recovery Network
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DIREN was opposed to a favourable envelope because of potential covisibilities with a protected abbey (Fontfroide).
Yet they were not fixed once and for all, as tensions occurring between DIREN and other members of the PNRN steering committee about several envelopes during this step of the process attested.
CHI SHITANG (eat dining-hall) kill (CHI DIAO DIREN (eat the enemy) absorb (CHI LI (eat energy) consume(CHI MO (eat ink)) be in a certain state of life or depend upon something(CHI FUMU (eat parents) get used to accepting certain treatment (CHI KU (eat hardships) suffer from unhappy things (CHI KUI (eat losses) >.