DIRIDavis Interpersonal Reactivity Index (psychology)
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Aimee Diri is half the woman she used to be after her dramatic slimming
Jauhi diri dari dadah [El Islam se pone en contra de las drogas.
Saud bin Diri al-Anezi was found guilty of stabbing Yassef bin Eid al-Anezi to death in an argument, the statement said.
Those who died in the accident included Bukhari's wife, Diri Bibii, 33, and his children Atiqa, 7, Hamdan, 4, and Arshafa, 2.
The sleeping conditions are not comfortable, and it's not easy to get food," Joyce Anne Diri, a mother of three, told Reuters at a temporary shelter in flooded Marikina City in the eastern part of the capital.
Diri said doctors could perform any type of surgeries in the field hospital.
Ali Diri, the spokesman for al-Shabab, released another misleading, but admittedly artful, statement eulogizing Bin Ladin and welcoming the appointment of al-Zawahiri as the new al-Qa'ida chief:
The symposium was organised under the aegis of DIRI - The Deakin India Research Initiative which was instigated in 2009 as an expansion of Deakin University's ongoing development of research models to bridge the gap between academia and industry.
The explosion happened in the Diri area at 2pm, when the road workers' car struck the roadside bomb, the provincial police chief told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Bydd Jonathan hefyd yn taro golwg yn l ar y straeon diri gafodd eu hadrodd ar y soffa goch gan rai o wynebau mwyaf adnabyddus Cymru.
Also spearheading Qataris yesterday were midfielders Abdulla Al Sulaiti, Halal Al Saeed, Ahmed Wesaba and Abdulmajeed Al Diri.
Elias Diri, a political analyst with the opposition newspaper AN NAHAR, said Obama has dashed hopes for a Palestinian state with his UN speech.