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DIRKDeutscher Investor Relations Kreis (German investor relation federation)
DIRKDiagonally Implicit Runge-Kutta (mathematics)
DIRKDark-Interval Relaxation Kinetic Analysis
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On 25 October 1616, Captain Dirk Hartog of the Dutch East India ship Eendracht made landfall at an island off the coast of Shark Bay, Western Australia.
Readers of the first Delilah Dirk adventure might be surprised that the brash heroine would get involved in the subtleties of an espionage plot, but have no fear: she decidedly does not trade her swords for subtlety.
Reportedly, this roll out has started with the launch of four DIRK supermarkets located in Leiden.
Dirk spent his early childhood years in Richmond before his father was called to lead the congregation in Somerset West, Western Cape, in 1936.
Motley, included the story of Dirk in his classic work, The Rise of the Dutch Republic, first published in
MIR's editorial office and Dirk Holtbrugge regret that not all guest editors' names are printed on the issue's cover.
On the Friday and Saturday, Dirk and David took to the stage in Victoria Square to dazzle the crowds with a live demonstration of their dishes.
Although wanting to keep the show as a surprise, Dirk - who will also be holding a masterclass in comedy at October's Giddy Goat Festival - explains a little of what the audience can expect.
Then, after taking pictures, they released sevenyear-old Dirk into a nearby canal.
One of the men, Rhys Jones, told Australia's 7 News: "All three of us are sorry for Sea World and for the time lost searching for Dirk and, yeah, we're just glad he is all right.
The chances of us being treated to a new series are also looking grim as the police announce they want to talk to Dirk about the murder of several people who appear to have only one thing in common - they've all availed themselves of his services.