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DIRKSDesigning and Implementing Record-Keeping Systems
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Dirk Waldron was seated beside him; Wolfert grasped his hand, pointed after his daughter, and for the first time since his illness broke the silence he had maintained.
"Leave her to me, father!" said Dirk manfully; "I'll take care of her!"
The ancient mansion of his forefathers was still kept up, but, instead of being a little yellow-fronted Dutch house in a garden, it now stood boldly in the midst of a street, the grand home of the neighborhood; for Wolfert enlarged it with a wing on each side, and a cupola or tea room on top, where he might climb up and smoke his pipe in hot weather, and in the course of time the whole mansion was overrun by the chubby-faced progeny of Amy Webber and Dirk Waldron.
Also I carried the dirk in a sheath at my hip, sailor-fashion, and maintained toward Thomas Mugridge a constant attitude which was composed of equal parts of domineering, insult, and contempt.
In the position, Dirks would lead and be responsible for strategic oversight for all of Silicon Valley Bank's activities in Canada.
She said that Dirks should have left the decision to another official.
"In some ways it's difficult to imagine two religious groups that are more similar to each other in so many ways that are to some extent at loggerheads," said Dr Dirks.
"Semantic modeling systems like ours have to be able to manage not just the hierarchy of words, but the relationships between them," Dirks explains.
Nicholas Dirks centers his analysis on his thoughtful reading of parliamentary and public debates of late eighteenth-century Britain, particularly on the ideological dialogues between former Governor-General Warren Hastings and parliamentarian and political philosopher Edmund Burke.
DIRKS: A Strategic Approach to Managing Business Information, also known as the DIRKS Manual, is a methodology developed in Australia for designing records management systems.
Dirks' team hypothesized that this molecule, CD133, might also mark brain tumor stem cells.
Upon learning the extent of the scandal, Dirks told his clients, who promptly sold their Equity Funding stock.