DIRMOBFORDirector of Mobility Forces
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The GCC's CCA should become the equivalent of the DIRMOBFOR for cyber warfighting capabilities (i.e., a DIRCYBERFOR).
The Katrina DIRMOBFOR noted the effectiveness and timeliness of airlift requests "were hampered by the fact that few agencies outside of USTRANSCOM and AMC truly understood distribution processes." (92)
Zamzow, "Hurricane Katrina: DIRMOBFOR Summary," lecture, Airlift Tanker Association, Nashville, Tennessee, 28 Oct 2005.
Glossary AFDD air force doctrine document CHE complex humanitarian emergency CMOC civil-military operations center CRG contingency response group DIRMOBFOR director of mobility forces DOD Department of Defense DV distinguished visitor HACC humanitarian assistance coordination center HOC humanitarian operations center JCMOTF joint civil-military operations task force JP joint publication MAF Mobility Air Forces MOOTW military operations other than war NGO nongovernmental organization OSOCC on-site operations coordination center PVO private volunteer organization SOFA status of forces agreement TALCE Tanker-Airlift Control Element UK United Kingdom UN United Nations US United States USCINCCENTCOM United States Commander in Chief Central Command EILEEN M.
One also would assume, that given the war stories told the world over of the convoluted and thorny nature of these operations, surely the MAF must be teaching its student DIRMOBFORs the nature, doctrine, strategic implications, and practical execution of these operations from the strategic perspective.
The DIRMOBFOR oversees operations and planning and coordinates between the JMC, US Transportation Command, various CENTCOM staff agencies, and the JFACC.
The only caveat to this was a "compelling minimum frequency requirement agreed to by both the JMC director and DIRMOBFOR." (23) As depicted in table 1, minimum averages equated one pallet position to 10 passengers, enabling planners to convert cargo or passengers into a common unit by multiplying pallet-equivalents by a factor of 10.
One, there are many issues for the DIRMOBFOR to handle.
The DIRSPACEFOR concept builds on both the DIRMOBFOR and the SSO positions.
Unlike the Berlin Airlift and MAC era when there was a clearly distinct, single airlift boss, the Allied Force DIRMOBFOR had to please multiple masters.
Current Air Force and air mobility doctrine establishes C2 with the commander of Air Force forces (COMAFFOR) or JFACC instead of the DIRMOBFOR, who oversees theater air mobility operations.
As part of the integration strategy, the DIRMOBFORS will become an organizational structure under CFLCC to integrate and synchronize all surface operational deployment and distribution requirements in theater.