DIRNSADirector, National Security Agency
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First, GEN Michael Hayden's book Playing to the Edge begins with his time as the DIRNSA and provides amazing insight into the last major organizational change the NSA conducted and the challenges created following 9/11.
He is a PhD candidate at George Washington's Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Administration and is the current Army DIRNSA Fellow.
(171) Even more disturbing is the fact that, according to DIRNSA, "even when attacks are detected and reported, we rarely know who the attacker was." (172) In the words of a Chinese author, "an information war is inexpensive, as the enemy country can receive a paralyzing blow through the Internet, and the party on the receiving end will not be able to tell whether it is a child's prank or an attack from its enemy." (173) Such a situation would work to China's advantage, should it choose to strike at US vulnerabilities while taking advantage of ambiguity to avoid retaliation.
Conference topics will include SIGINT Transformation (Lt Gen Hayden, DIRNSA), National Perspectives (CIA), Support to Warfighters (DIA), the CEMO Vision (Rich Wharff, CEMO), Congressional Perspectives (HPSCI), Service Issues and Requirements (DCSINT, ONI, and AF/XOI), and a briefing from OSD addressing implementation plans and programs.