DISAPDefense Intelligence Strategic Analysis Program
DISAPDefense Infrastructure Sector Assurance Plan (US DoD)
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References in classic literature ?
We lost the thief of course; but in my disap pointment I had to admire Hermann's presence of mind.
They have just two wins to show from nine games so far and left the pitch to a round of booing from some disap pointed home fans.
There wasn't much quality in the game and I was disap pointed by the result but at the same time we were playing against a good team."
How ever, we were again disap pointed to see this area referred to as Hawkesbury in a separate article which appeared in the Evening Telegraph on August 16.
Terrier George was out walking with owner Alex Barrett, 29, when he disap peared down a hole.
But Merthyr will now b e pleased to see the back of what has been a thoroughly disap - pointing season for them.
Pushin (10.35p When Em Vivian's re the disap Dixon, sh to take on relentless and his te seem cer Ned and C n p m e p h se r C Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA (9.00pm) The chef helps a struggling Italian restaurant in California.
"Wales will obviously be disap - pointed with their display.
Many people felt disap pointed that such a tie has occurred so early in the knockout stages, but I was not one of them.
"I was a little bit disap - pointed with the crowd be - cause it's a magnificen t stadium and I've told many people how great is it to play in Cardiff."
I like Mourinho, but it was disap pointing to see him jump on the Andy Johnson is a diver' bandwag on.
Last week a group of mothers kept their chil dren outside the school gates to show their disap proval to the teachers' picket line.