DISBDepartment of Insurance, Securities and Banking (Washington, DC)
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The DISB said it wanted to ensure that District residents have comprehensive coverage to meet their health care needs.
A DISB Investigator interviewed Anderson, who admitted that she did not own the items listed in her claim.
Yet, it is also the consumer who, having paid for pollution through higher prices of goods and services, also watches, with disb elief, the counters on the pump, in which the price tally rises more rapidly than the quantity of petrol delivered!
The above model specifies the relationships (2) amongst two endogenous variables, GR and S, and four exogenous variables: DISB, FPI, XM and RINT.
"I un the disb understand that they probably didn't want to say too much because the fall didn't happen on that ward.
White, commissioner and agency head for the District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB), who serves on the technical committee said in a far-ranging interview earlier this week that there is no preconceived future framework in mind for the final outcome of the dialogue and emphasized the ongoing discussions evaluating the different solvency regimes.
Dubai Islamic Bank (DISB.DU) (DIB) has announced that it has named a CFO.
Background: Previously served as the deputy commissioner for DISB. Purcell is an attorney and member d both the State d Maryland Bar and the Commonwealth of Virginia Bar.
Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) (DISB.DU) has said that it will offer a one-year, US dollar-denominated certificate up to August 15 for investors seeking to tap the global commodities market.
(1) Disb, School Of Health and Sport Science, Urbino Carlo Bo, ITALY.
resBbo co inj Sa Gr ov disB Bresnan said: "That's a very good sign.