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DISCDiscover (credit card)
DISCDomestic International Sales Corporation
DISCDiscovery Channel (TV)
DISCDistributed Computing (International Symposium)
DISCDeath-Inducing Signaling Complex (cell apoptosis)
DISCDickinson Independent School District (Dickinson, TX)
DISCDistributed Inode Storage Cluster
DISCDigital Interactive Systems Corporation
DISCDigital Internet Systems Consultants
DISCDistinguished Instructor Short Course (Society of Exploration Geophysicists)
DISCDisarmament and International Security Committee (various organizations)
DISCDominance/Influence/Steadiness/Conscientiousness (personality profile)
DISCDefense Industrial Supply Center
DISCDisconnect Command
DISCDifferential Scattering
DISCDynamic Information Systems Corporation
DISCDaingerfield Island Sailing Club (Alexandria, VA)
DISCDNA Information and Stock Center
DISCDefense Information System Council
DISCDigital Information Services Center (Netherlands)
DISCDiscover Information Security Compliance (Discover's payment card industry data security standard compliance program)
DISCData and Information Service for CliC
DISCDisaster Information Systems Clearinghouse
DISCDISA Information Systems Center
DISCDigital Info Security Company (Colorado)
DISCDirect-Injection Stratified Charge engine
DISCDental Interactive Simulations Corporation
DISCDeprivation, Immediacy, Size and Contingency (behavioral reinforcement)
DISCDevelopment Information Services Clearinghouse (USAID)
DISCDistributor Information Systems Corporation
DISCDigital Information Systems Corporation
DISCData Information Service Center
DISCDepartment of Information Systems Club (Arizona State University)
DISCDigital Interchange Standard for Cardiology
DISCDocument Imaging Services Company
DISCDigital Integration Systems & Consultancy
DISCDiplomatic Intelligence Support Center
DISCDelay In Separation Code
DISCDigital International Switching Center
DISCData Index for Software Configuration
DISCData and Information Services for CliC (Climate and Cryosphere)
DISCDesign Information System Center
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Take out your flying disc and play golf in any of Mississippi's more than 60 courses spread all over the state.
The Blu-ray Disc Founders group includes 13 leading consumer electronics, PC and media companies, which will give the format a strong worldwide market presence.
Not until Caruso, Tamagno, Melba and Patti released discs and extolled its virtues did the gramophone become attractive to musicians of the first rank.
Disc golf can be played with any kind of a flying disc.
With the use of full-page scanners and optical character recognition software, much of the firm's paper records could be placed on one or more discs. At 250,000 pages per disc, storage space would be freed up.
In the present study, in which PET fibers having substantially the same [(eta)] were used, the above result is assumed to have been obtained because the difference in the microstructure caused by the difference in the spin-drawing process was reflected slightly in the case of tube fatigue, but did not appear in the case of disc fatigue.
Enterprise servers have long used the standard parallel SCSI 3.5" hard disc drives for internal storage requirements.
The success of this program will be measured using Disc Marketing's proprietary discMETRIX system, providing the U.S.
Also notable was new software to analyze the interaction of material, mold, and machine to yield the highest disc quality in the shortest cycle time.
Disc makers also say the DVD-ROM sector has begun to heat up, although few software titles have yet appeared.
Users can record to the disc using the incremental or disc-at-once methods.