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Vague apprehensions of the next discovery to come, filled his mind for the first time.
Now, as this was a discovery of great consequence, it may be necessary to trace it from the fountain-head.
Some miracle might have produced it, yet the stages of the discovery were distinct and probable.
Robinson Crusoe could not have been more startled at the footprint in the sand than we were at this unwelcome discovery. My first impulse was to make as rapid a retreat as possible, and bend our steps in some other direction; but our curiosity to see whither this path might lead, prompted us to pursue it.
As things were, he was merely confirmed in his bad opinion of Miss Jethro; and he was induced, on reflection, to keep his discovery to himself.
The discovery of new worlds by daring sailors like Columbus and Cabot, and the discovery of printing were among them.
Samuel Ferguson returned to England about 1850, and, more than ever possessed by the demon of discovery, he spent the intervening time, until 1853, in accompanying Captain McClure on the expedition that went around the American Continent from Behring's Straits to Cape Farewell.
As if there were no way of discovery, but by simulation.
This discovery, taken in connection with all the circumstances we know of, has had an effect on my mind which I cannot describe to you -- which I dare not realize to myself.
"Well, it is the fortune of war--and discovery," put in Mr.
After putting to sea, he fell in with the celebrated discoverer, Vancouver, and informed him of his discovery, furnished him with a chart which he had made of the river.
From the moment that he had first laid eyes upon Jane Clayton he had nursed within his breast a secret passion for the beautiful American wife of the English lord, and when Achmet Zek's discovery of the jewels had necessitated flight, the Belgian had dreamed, in his planning, of a future in which he might convince Lady Greystoke that her husband was dead, and by playing upon her gratitude win her for himself.
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