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DISCSDepartment of Information Systems and Computer Science (various universities)
DISCSDiversity in Safety Critical Software (EPSRC/UK project)
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Local sporting goods stores that sell the flying discs can suggest a nearby course or a local disc golf group.
is best known, today announced that the company will introduce Blu-ray Disc (BD) drives for notebook and desktop computers that can write and read single- and dual-layer BDs as well as all types of recordable DVDs and CDs.
Firms like Verbatim, Maxell and Mitsubishi Chemical have made so many enhancements in CD and DVD technology that, today, we take for granted that this just won't happen (assuming you treat your discs with a little common sense and TLC).
In principle, the scheme should also apply to the already higher-capacity optical discs, such as Blu-Ray disks, that are expected to become widespread next year.
Even Claude Debussy made a few discs in 1904, but not as a soloist.
Tested to ensure compatibility with the latest inkjet and thermal disc printers, the blank surface media can be customized to provide professional-looking discs for limited production runs.
Most rchival data discs (e.g., Board of Tax Appeals cases) have to be updated only when the search software is updated.
A single CD-ROM holds 550 megabytes of information, the equivalent of 270,000 pages of text, which is more than the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, or 450 high-density floppy discs. The CD-ROM has brought the storage power of a mainframe computer to the personal computer.
* The discs can be played by the majority of the players in use today.
Three new or improved polycarbonate resins for optical discs were introduced by GE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass.
As of November 1992, it has issued 17 discs containing the full text of all Tax Court Regular and Memoranda decisions (four discs), Board of Tax Appeals Regular and Memoranda decisions (one disc), U.S.
At June's Replitech International trade show in San Jose, Calif., digital video (or versatile) discs were the main topic of discussion and also the target of much of the newest disc replicating materials and equipment on display.