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DISEDiploma in Special Education (various schools)
DISEDélégation Interservices de l'Eau (French: Delegation Water Interservices)
DISEDiversity in Social Enterprise (UK)
DISEDistrict Information System for Education (India)
DISEDeployable Intelligence Support Element
DISEDistributed Information Systems Experimentation (Naval Postgraduate School)
DISEDisplay Evolution
DISEDrive Image Special Edition
DISEDistribution Illumination System, Electrical
DISEDivision Intelligence Support Element
DISEDistribution and Illumination System, Electrical
DISEDirect Intelligence Support Element
DISEDoing It So Easy
DISEDawes Information Systems Engineering (UK)
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A computational search using the EPIC electronic medical record was performed for the term "flexible laryngoscopy for sleep endoscopy," consistent with the phrase used for DISE at our institution.
A few months later, based on initial DISE findings of a retroflexed epiglottis with lingual tonsil hypertrophy, he underwent an epiglottopexy with lingual tonsillectomy.
DISE has been on the forefront of using KM for nearly a decade.
The DISE is basically an instrumentation system for Soldiers, their weapons and their equipment.
The training support package consisted of the Warhog Maneuver Task Force Observer/Controller (OC) Team, members of Grafenwoehr Range Control, and elements of the Deployable Instrumental Systems in Europe (DISE) team.
"We have been proactive in supporting Intel's evolving technologies by acquiring merchan dise that is LGA 775 compatible including motherboards, video cards, and memory from a host of manufactures, so customers can pick up the new chips and an affirmed motherboard without having to shop around."
The FOXALL[TM] finishing cell with its Tru-Teach[R] programming software package enables the operative to trace around a fixture mounted casting prepared to the required finished standard with a six-axis CMM arm fitted with a replica tool (which can be a cut off dise, parallel or tapered burr, disc, wheel etc).
Customer management and billing solutions provider Martin Dawes Systems has released its eSuite portfolio for its dise Corporate billing and customer care product.
The life and times of Farraday will be inherent to the project as well as his dise veries in magnetism and electricity.
Cartilage can be used to reconstruct any significant bony defect that might exist either as a result of the dise ase process or secondary to surgical removal to improve exposure (figure 2).