DISIDisable Interrupt
DISIData Interface Suppresion Indicator
DISIDirectory Information Services Infrastructure
DISIDirect Injection Spark Ignition
DISIDirect Injection, Spark Ignition (engine that reduces specific fuel consumption and CO2 emissions)
DISIDipartimento di Informatica e Scienze dell'Informazione (Italian)
DISIDirection Informatique et des Systèmes d'Information (French: Directorate for Computer and Information Systems)
DISIDorsal Intercalated Segment Instability
DISIDefense Industrial Security Institute
DISIDevice Independent Serial Interface
DISIData Interface Suppression Indicator
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DISI is more common than DILI, and may or may not be caused by an immune response.
Hucre disi tuzak olusumu, organizmaya giren patojenlere karsi ve otoyangisal durumlarda gelismekte ve hucreye ait DNA, histonlar, granuler proteazlar, diger sitoplazmik ve nukleer proteinleri katildigi dogal bagisiklik mekanizmasidir (10, 12).
These tracts include bare soil with short vegetation, desert with small vegetation, lose soil; all providing suitable habitat and camouflage for snakes (Akram and Qureshi, 1995; Farooq et al., 2007; Amr and Disi, 2011).
Anket calismasi, vaka-kontrol, retrospektif ve seri bildirimi gibi calismalar haric, "tani, teshis ve tedaviye mudahale olan" tum arastirmalarda, (Faz 4 klinik arastirmalar, gozlemsel ilac calismalari ve ilac disi klinik arastirmalar da dahil olmak uzere), Etik Kurul onayinin yani sira, TITCK izni de gerekmektedir.
Asiri av baskisi ve yasa disi avcilik faaliyetleri ile birlikte ticari stoklar azalirken, diger taraftan hassas kiyi alanlarindaki biyocesitlilik de zarara ugramistir.
The present paper reports on results of recent studies on the impact of the in-cylinder processes in DISI engines e.
SMEs should always be aware of the dynamic nature of their supply chain and the new requirements that emerge due to the introduction of new technologies or innovations," said Disi.
DISI engines offer a flexibility over conventional port fuel injection (PFI) engines [9], enabling higher power to weight ratio by allowing higher compression of air before fuel injection, lean throttle-less operation at low loads [7] and advantages of charge cooling due to spray evaporation.
Russian Ambassador was speaking to the press following a meeting he had here today with the President of the Democratic Rally (DISI) Averof Neofytou, at DISI headquarters, during which they discussed the Cyprus issue and the latest developments in Crimea.
Calismanin dislama kriterlerine baktigimizda RRMS disi nedene bagli kognitif disfonksiyon, bagimlilik, psikoz, agir kisilik bozuklugu, kognitif yan etkili ilac kullanimi, son 30 gun icinde atak veya steroid kullanimi olarak belirlenmis.