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DISOSSDistribution Office Support Systems
DISOSSDistributed Office Support System
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The first capability will be an IBM 377X remote batch service, the second will provide support for IBM 3270 interactive terminals, and the third will be a gateway to the IBM Disoss environment.
Another product, Disoss Document Exchange Facility (DDXF), is a two-way transfer facility that provides both library and distribution services for final form documents, while a third product, External Document Exchange (EDE) with Disoss, supports revisable fomr text document exchange.
Honeywell Embraces Disoss with Its Docu-Link Facility
Digital claims that DDXF was the first implementation of a direct interface to DISOSS by a computer manufacturer.
In addition, IBM significantly expanded the capability for distributing documents among its individual office systems with a new version of Disoss. At the same time, IBM enhanced its other central computer software for document distribution, the Professional Office System (Profs).
In addition, Digital has announced plans for an interface between its VAX/All-in-1 system and IBM's Distributed Office Support System (Disoss).
Last October, IBM made good on its commitment with a new version of Disoss, which can now operate on one or more host systems in a network, and enhancements to its host-based Profs office system.