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Flournoy admitted he thought long and hard about the decision to bring Hyatt back to the club following his convictions for drink driving and driving while disqual ified last season.
While the Blairs were selecting modern abstract paintings to adorn the walls of Downing Street and playing the delicate epicures at the G8 Summit banquet, the officers of the Benefits Integrity Project were working remorselessly, intimidating and disqual ifying accredited claimants, the sick and disabled, from incapacity benefits and disability living allowance.
TABLE 3 Principal Offence on First Reconviction Offence n % (%)(a) Burglary 14 42 (62) TWOC 7 21 (2) Other theft 6 18 (18) Violence 3 9 (6) Damage 2 6 (2) Drugs 1 3 Sexual (2) Drive disqual (7) Total 33 (a) Proportions convicted for each offence in original year 1 sample of 45 cases.