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DISTAFFDirecting Staff
DISTAFFDivision Staff
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To-morrow you shall spin, and every day Shall find you at your distaff.
In the distaff side, Group A is composed of Ateneo, Adamson, La Salle and UE while Group B has FEU, NU, UP and UST.
However, she appears to be running back into form at just the right time before being asked to defend her Distaff title.
The news is far more promising ahead of Stellar Jayne's tilt at the Distaff.
One hand is on the centre of the wheel, which has a quite broad rim, and the other appears to be gently feeding the finished thread onto a distaff, which is horizontal.
Of the 42 entries made for the stayers' race only five are eligible for the Rest of the World team while just six of the 32 entries in the Distaff race could not be part of the European team.
Procter, who runs Wriggle Valley Thoroughbreds, is launching the scheme, called Distaff Ventures, with Martyn Forrester, the ownerbreeder of Double Dizzy.