DISTANDistributed Interactive Secure Telecommunications
DISTANDistributed Interactive Secure Telecommunications Area Network
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la stessa distan che corre tra lo sguardo di Flaubert e lo sguardo di Emma Bovary, meglio ancora tra la parola di Flaubert e quella di Emma, incapace di dare forma alla sua modernissima malattia: "le manca l'acutezza e la fredda onestAaAaAeA nel rendersi conto di se stessa, se Emma potesse farlo, n sarebbe piAaAaAeA quella che AaAaAeA?, avrebbe superato se stessa e con ciAaAaAeA s salvata" (Auerbach, 1956: 258).
Breeders' eeders' distan best distance surface for something some un GAMBLING WISDOM e this his "Guessing has never been widely acclaimed as a good gambling strategy."
eNGraved DISILLUSION Plus WhiTe NOise TheOry, OFFshOre, DISTAN Tan T CETO Fall: Scruffy Murphys, Newton Street, Dale End.
LONELINESS OF THE LONG DISTAN TAN T CE 6 6THE RUNNER (1962) TOM COURTENAY stars as RTENAY stars as a working class lad going off the rails who discovers a talent for running.
(c) Irrigasyon tubunun hava veya kati atikla icten veya (d) katlanma-bukulme ile distan tikanmasi.
Nick Distan, from Chepstow, returned 25 rainbows while another of the town's anglers Paul Oliver hooked a dozen.
(SB could also stand for numerous other accurate descriptions of them too.) Surely they should be chilling in the airport bar watching the dust rise from the distan
Los capitulos dedicados a la psicologia se esfuerzan por articular la relacion con la teologia moral, mostrando el valor de la psicologia como una protoetica incipiente y distan ciandose de determinismos unilaterales.
BACK OF THE NET: Sylvain Distan at Finch Farm training ground, which was bought by the council; inset: Mayor Joe Anderson