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DISTARDirect Instructional System for Teaching and Remediation (education)
DISTARDistributed Interactive Simulation Technologies in After Action Review
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In addition, the granddaddy of all scripted programs, DISTAR (Direct Instruction Systems for Teaching Arithmetic and Reading), is enjoying a lucrative rebirth.
Instead of DISTAR, Davis has chosen to use Success For All, a teaching model developed at Johns Hopkins University that incorporates direct-instruction techniques.
Administrators instead used their discretionary funds to purchase DISTAR (Direct Instructional System for Teaching and Remediation), the program Lott had introduced at Wesley in 1975.
Students who received instruction from the DISTAR programs (i.
While we do not have to adopt the behavioristic DISTAR (Direct Instructional Systems for Teaching Arithmetic and Reading) model, a highly structured learning program that places great emphasis on repetition and reinforcement, some children will need exposure to content they do not receive at home if they are to have a chance for academic success.
2-119), including "Jolly Phonics, the Lindamood ADD program, the Lippincott Program, Open Court, Orton Gillingham, Reading Mastery also known as Direct Instruction DISTAR, and Sing Spell Read & Write" (p.
When administrators and principals invite infusion, consultants should be prepared to identify and orient personnel to procedures like fluency training and direct instruction, instructional packages like DISTAR, and impacts of ABA procedural instruction on academic performance in urban schools, as well as identifying procedures that regular or special educators in the school are using that have a basis in ABA.