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DISTODefense Industrial Security Education & Training Office
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The analysis of the DISTO experiment on pp [right arrow] p + [K.
K] = 103 MeV, as observed in the DISTO experiment, (13) turned out to be much larger than the original predicted value (48MeV, (2) 51.
LDM Leica DISTO [TM] A4, together with the interface, is installed in a waterproof case, which is equipped with anvisor and body tube on the foreside.
Leica DISTO sketch and Leica DISTO transfer - the two apps serve to ease and accelerate working practices.
CALGARY, Alberta & NORCROSS, Georgia -- New PowerCAD SiteMaster 2 mobility solution uses Leica DISTO Plus wireless Bluetooth lasers to create AutoCAD-compatible building surveys and inspection drawings up to 10 times faster than measuring tape and paper
SiteMaster(TM) provides the missing link for thousands of potential clients and we anticipate strong demand for integrated SiteMaster and DISTO solutions.
The DISTO Plus, MobileSketch and/or APEX IV combined with the Xybernaut Atigo form a solid foundation of products that utilize wireless communications to allow users to literally draw and calculate areas while they are being measured.
Priced at $495, PowerCAD CE Pro helps save time and money by replacing paper sketches with digital CAD drawings which are generated in real time on a handheld PC using highly accurate measurements recorded from a Leica DISTO Pro or Hilti PD 25 laser measuring device.
0 and the DISTO add-in, facility managers, space planners and architects can conduct real-time as-builting.
jointly announce the immediate availability of DISTO Plus SketchRight(TM), a unique new system that revolutionizes the creation of 'measured drawings' for the rapidly growing $550 million 'sales-force automation' market, and the broader 'field-force automation' market.
SONIN also markets the RANGE LEVEL laser leveling system and DISTO laser distance measuring tool.