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The PLUMgrid Global Alliance partner program is a raising ecosystem of supported OpenStack distros, software solutions, hardware solutions, system integrators and value added solution providers.
GENIVI's goal is to enforce uniformity to all of the compliant distros, and also to promote innovative automotive features within each component.
I could have built my own cluster of machines on EC2 and used any of the Hadoop distros to spin them up, but Elastic MapReduce offers a nice set of shortcuts.
Built on the company s Non-Stop patented technology for deployment on Apache Hadoop 2, its own distribution, WANdisco Distro, or Cloudera s CDH, Non-Stop NameNode enables multiple active NameNode servers to act as peers, maintaining continuous synchronization and simultaneously supporting client access to the Hadoop cluster.
Distro, a distribution center for Fashion Bug, is completing a 65,000-square-foot expansion.
With this latest offering, customers now have a full spectrum of deployment options for Gear6's enhanced Memcached distro, including:
Distro, which arrived in Greencastle in 1987 and is the distribution arm of the retailer Fashion Bug, also expanded about three years ago.
These enhancements include a new Automated Installer application, allowing users to decide which packages to include within the installation web service, the Distro Constructor, enabling users to create their own custom image for deployment across their systems and a new storage feature, COMSTAR Storage Framework, that allows developers to create an open storage server with OpenSolaris.
Additionally, the company has recently started reaching out to "aftermarket" suppliers to make available the IR Distro thermal camera that can detect an object the size of a deer or human up to approximately 1/4 of a mile away, traveling at posted speeds.
Due to be released on PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya, Distro Horizons Vs.
Distro, distribution center for Fashion Bug clothing, recently announced a $30 million expansion, including a 200,000-square-foot addition, new equipment and 40 to 50 new jobs.