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DISTRODistribution of Software
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We have 900 people a month asking for more info, and out of that number, 125 are large corporations," says Brackeen, giving credit to Distro for the surge in Web hits.
Contudo, examinando-se os processos movidos na primeira instancia do entao Distro Federal podemos verificar o seguinte:
Public transport user Maricel Distro, a Filipino, said: "I use the public transport to commute.
CPAs interested in using Linux will first need to pick a Linux distribution (i.e., "distro"; see the sidebar, Common Linux Terms, for additional terminology).
(24) However, real contact with the 1st-year students in their translation courses has shown that their use of FOOS has remained at a low level during these four years and despite their being familiar with the TradMint distro, and despite the distro being installed in all the devices at the faculty's computer rooms, in dual boot with Windows, students always boot Windows unless asked otherwise.
Another form of distribution is the sale of DVDs or VCDs in alternative bookshops, on promotional internet sites or in so-called distro or small 'distribution' shops for independently produced fashion, music, video, and other creative work (Iskandar 2006:106-7; Uttu 2006).
Please share this with other Supply Corps Officers who may not be up-to-date on our distro list.
"Titica--Kuduro Trap Extraordinaire." Crack Distro. 19 Feb.
Most iPad magazines started out in print, but not Engadget Distro (free).
This tutorial deals with the subset in which one of the two processes is a "server" by virtue of its configuration into xinetd (or inetd if you're running an older UNIX or Linux distro).