DITLDay-In-The-Life (functional test under typical operating conditions)
DITLDaystrom Institute Technical Library (Star Trek fan site)
DITLDialog Item List (Mac resource)
DITLDictionnaire International de Termes Litteraires (French: International Dictionary of Literary Terms)
DITLDeferred Income Tax Liability
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They help us to contextualize the families, their family practices, the artifacts with which the children interact, the symbol system practices, the music chosen to play with and for the children, the media in the home, the nature of eating events that are enacted during the day, and the activities chosen for the child to participate in on the day of the DITL, and whether they might reflect cultural values or more global influences.
The process by which we, as both local and distal investigators, collaborated to shed new light on the DITL data set involved our examining, both separately and together, resilience factors and joint book-reading in the lives of our "strong" young participants.