DITMSDefense Information Technology Management System
DITMSDivision of Information Technology Management and Services (US Department of Labor)
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Briefly, the choline glycerophospholipid fraction obtained from bovine heart muscle was hydrolyzed with 0.25 M methanolic KOH and the resulted lysoplasmalogen was purified and used for (1) acylation for 1alk-U-eny 1-2-acyl-GPC, (2) hydrogenation and acylation for 1-alky 1-2-acyl GPC, and (3) after removal of phosphocholine with PLC the conversion to ditrimethylsilyl (diTMS) derivative for analysis of the molecular species.
cereus PLC and the resulted monopalmitoylglycerol was converted to diTMS derivative, which was analyzed by GC-MS.