DITRDance in the Rain
DITRDepartment of Industry Tourism and Resources (Australia)
DITRDivision of International Training and Research (Fogarty International Center; US NIH)
DITRDiamonds in the Rough (Manila, Philippines)
DITRDouble Isotopic Tracer Ratio
DITRDistributed Information Technology Resources (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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A portion of event proceeds will be used to endow scholarships for the youth members of DITR.
DITR founder and Executive Director, Nicole Steele, states, “We have made it our mission to prepare, inspire, nurture and provide knowledge to girls of all ages over the past 10 years.
In order to meet the needs of the forecasted 9.4 million international visitors and 338.8 million domestic visitor by 2010 (DITR, 2002), it is important for the Australian tourism sector to attract highly skilled workers with relevant skills to meet industry needs.
Abbreviations are as follows: 1 = 1st person, 2 = 2nd person, 3 = 3rd person, AUX = auxiliary, DET = determiner, DEM = demonstrative, DITR = ditransitive, ERG = ergative, INTR = intransitive, LINK = linking particle, NZ = nominalizer, N[Z.sub.2] = [nominalizer.sub.2], o = object, OBL = oblique, PO = possessive, sub = subject, SG = singular, TRANS = transitive.
In conjunction with the European Commission, STANDARD LINE from BSI, NORIANE from AFNOR and DITR from DIN have been brought together on one compact disc.
In particular, there has been a recent call for research that explores the buying behaviour, travelling patterns, holiday preferences, and accommodation needs of the Chinese market (DITR, 2005).