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DITSDistributed Instrumentation Tasking System
DITSDigital Information Transfer System
DITSDancing in the Streets
DITSDocumentation, Information, and Training Service
DITSDigital Television Spectrometer
DITSDeployed Integrated Transport Suites (US DoD)
DITSDavey Institute of Tree Surgery
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Consequently, both Dits and her Valentino were convicted of the crime charged and were sentenced to suffer an imprisonment ranging from one year, eight months, minimum of prision correccional as minimum penalty, to three years, six months and 21 days, medium of prision correccional as maximum penalty.
According to DITS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ali Atara, DITS Pakistan believes the people of the country has all the potential to adapt and converse with the advanced technology of the world, just as faster as the neighbouring countries.
"The DITS has been stalling the tender process because it insists in including provisions/terms that in our opinion limit competition.
While it is true that a small portion of the most important work gathered here has already been collected and published in English in The Foucault Reader and Power/Knowledge, Dits et ecrits also offers a great deal of unavailable work which expands on and clarifies the work in those two volumes and also often serves to correct the slight biases of Foucault's American translators.
Sir Stephens experience as a former International Development Minister and more recently as the United Nations Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs will complement the Boards existing and extensive business experience as DIT advances trade and development initiatives to grow developing economies sustainably through trade.
These initiatives will be the focus of DITs event; UK Fintech on the Global Stage, held at Mansion House later today.
DIT also put the business in touch with an export manager on-the-ground in Dubai and thanks to this the business now sells 80% of its products overseas.
Dit was ook die geval in die meeste westerse tale dat daar selfs so 'n bietjie neergesien is op sulke minder gekompliseerde verhale.
FOUR players saw yellow in a hard-fought O'Byrne Cup battle at DCU Sports grounds yesterday, before the hosts emerged six-point winners over college rivals DIT.
The department for international trade (dit) is looking for a supplier network of events providers across the usa capable of delivering a variety of type and scale of events on behalf of the authoritys clients (uk companies).
The department for international trade (dit) aims to improve and refresh its monitoring and evaluation (m&e) framework for the range of investment promotion programmes, activities, policy advocacy and services that it supports investors with.
Ohbot, a Gloucestershire company that makes robots for the education sector, has secured contracts in the US, Australia, and Canada with support from the Department for International Trade (DIT).