DITUData Intercept Technology Unit (US FBI)
DITUDigital Interface Test Unit
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According to Figure 3, which represents the transportation route between Beijing and Tianjin, the minimum time needed (analysis from baidu ditu) when traveling by road is more than two hours depending on traffic conditions, and with the intercity railway line according to GIS maps and the Beijing station chart the minimum distance to reach to Baoding the area near to Xiongan is more than three and a half hours, even four hours.
(24a) Tiang ngejaang pipis [di kotak-e] (Loc-OBL: 0.34) 1 AV-put money LOC box-DEF 'I put money in the box.' (24b) [Kotak-e] jaang-in tiang pipis (Loc-SUBJ: 1.00) box-DEF UV.put-APPL 1 money 'I put money in the box/on top of or above the box/there.' (25a) Tiang ngejaang pipis ditu / di duur (Loc-ADJ: 0.10) 1 AV-put money there LOC top 'I put money there / above there (upstairs).' (25b) ?*ditu / duur jaang-in tiang pipis top above UV.put-APPL 1 money 'I put money up there/upstairs.' (25c) Duur-ne jaang-in tiang pipis top-3POSS put-APPL 1 money 'I put money on his/her head.' Spatial deixis items expressing goal or source (kema 'to.there', mai 'toward.here') are treated as adjuncts and are not recruitable as arguments, even though they are arguably thematic.
According to The Verge, it was found that every time the DITU requested customer information, Microsoft charged anywhere from 50 dollars to 200 dollars for the transaction.
On the Google maps site localised for users in China ( ditu. google.
MARITEDDU TAMANT'E UN DITU IEDDU VOLI ESSA RIVARITU - Corsican: a husband must be respected even if he is very short.
98-9, also quoted in Yu Qizhao [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.], Sun Zhongshan wenshi tupian kaoshi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] (Guangzhou: Guangdongsheng Ditu Chubanshe, 1999), p.
Sizarail now operates between the Zambian border and Mwene Ditu in Eastern Kapai.
(20.) Tan Qixiang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.], Zhongguo lishi ditu ji [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.], 4: 52.
A map of Du Fu's itinerary on his journey from Fengxiang to Fuzhou (The outline of this map is based on Tan Qixiang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], ed., Zhongguo lishi ditu ji [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], vol.