DIUODossier d'Intervention Ultérieure sur l'Ouvrage (French: Record of Subsequent Intervention of the Work)
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Main features: the benefit by the holder are - the provision of computing Rth for permit application to build and attestation RT 2012; - providing plans to submit the building permit; - the supply, delivery, installation, calibrations and anchors the different elements of the modular building project; - connecting the expectations of network available; - controls, and consuel LIFE, hand Mission; - delivery of documents of compliance and DIUO
They include: -the site installations required (fencing and signage, toilets, construction hut,) panels, -the preparation and provision of technical and administrative documents (DOE DIUO, BSDI, etc.
Benefits occurring after notification of works: * Mission element 4 - Benefits to perform during site preparation; * Mission Element # 5 - Services to run during the follow-up period of work; * Mission Element # 6 - Formulating the definitive DIUO,- Intervention coordinator for the lifting of reservations.