DIUSDepartment for Innovations, Universities and Skills (UK)
DIUSDenver Institute of Urban Studies (Denver, CO)
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299 PERSE DION GENOS to PERSE, DION GENOS, was thought to have been Dius) was a native of Cyme in Aeolis, where he was a seafaring trader and, perhaps, also a farmer.
Then he called to his sons, upbraiding Helenus, Paris, noble Agathon, Pammon, Antiphonus, Polites of the loud battle-cry, Deiphobus, Hippothous, and Dius. These nine did the old man call near him.
The report said: "We conclude that both DIUS and the LSC are jointly liable for not recognising the weak points of a capital programme which suffered from no overall budget and poor management information, but which was being heavily marketed by the LSC to colleges.
During exchanges in the Commons, he said: "When the Lord High Everything took control of the DIUS as it was and the department was abolished, one of the parts of collateral damage was the presumed demise of the select committee on innovation, universities and skills.
"Before it became the select committee for DIUS, it did a superb job as the committee for science and technology.
It said that DIUS's annual report for 2008, was "impenetrable", and raised concerns that jargon might have been used as a substitute for having a clear idea about how the department is going to achieve its goals.
The DIUS has produced a new consultation document called A Vision for Science and Society, setting out how they want science to relate to the public.
They were chosen as the winners and their animated design became the official DIUS electronic greeting card.
She says in March, July, September and November last year DIUS was told the proposed budget would mean "redundancy", "decommissioning" and grants being cut.
The DIUS will be looking to prosecute all of the rogue traders it caught out in the new year as they continue to stamp out the rise in fake goods.
General FE college students and apprentices aged 16 to 19 will come under the DIUS and, although 16 to 19 year-olds in general FE colleges will be in institutions that are accountable to DIUS, they and sixth-form college students will be funded by local education authorities.
The campaign, driven by the LSC and DIUS, over a three to five year period, aims to bring about the cultural change needed to improve the attitudes and aspirations of employers and individuals to learning and skills across England.