DIVAADirected in Vivo Angiogenesis Assay
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Association of the DIVAA Ratio with Angiographic Grading.
This study, which attempted to investigate the correlation between angiogenesis/neovascularization of EPCs from patients with severe diffuse coronary artery disease having received autologous [CD34.sup.+] cell treatment and their angiographic grading, demonstrated that higher DIVAA ratios were associated with higher angiographic grading.
There are three merits of using DIVAA to replace the conventional tube formation assay to determine EPC-mediated angiogenesis/neovascularization in this study.
For this purpose, a long-term evaluation of in vivo angiogenic potential by DIVAA might help in differentiating the capacity of EPC-mediated angiogenesis/neovascularization in patients with different underlying diseases.
The results of the present study demonstrated a significant correlation between the DIVAA ratio and clinical angiographic grading, suggesting the possibility of using this ratio as guidance for choosing the subsequent treatment strategy.
Second, since EPCs were not isolated from the study subjects before [CD34.sup.+] cell treatment, the value of DIVAA in predicting the subsequent angiographic grading remains unclear.
Application of directed in vivo angiogenesis assay (DIVAA) further delineating the correlation between angiographic grading and endothelial progenitor cell- (EPC-) mediated regenerative potential.