DIVADDivision Air Defense
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In 1984, an automated anti-aircraft gun made by Ford called DIVAD achieved a perverse distinction--it became one of the few weapons in the history of the U.
Among the regrettable high-tech weapons systems he gave the green light to: the MX missile (still no basing system), the TV-guided Maverick missile (fighter pilots become sitting ducks when they launch them), the F-18 fighter (costs more, performs worse than the planes it replaced), the Aquila Remotely Piloted Vehicle drone (worse than the Israeli version, 16 times as expensive), the DIVAD gun (no amount of money could make it work), and the Apache helicopter (the Pentagon recently grounded the entire fleet).
More recently, political factors weighed heavilyin the award of the infamous DIVAD anti-aircraft gun to Ford Aerospace and Caspar Weinberger's decision to buy Lockheed's C-5B transport instead of McDonnell Douglas's C-17, which was strongly favored by the Army and Air Force.
If only we could replace a DIVAD or Bradley Fighting Vehicle so fast today