DIVAHDiagonally Corrected Vibrationally Adiabatic Hyperspherical
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Die ganze Strophe ware dann zu ubersetzten tvam agne prayatadaksinam naram varmeva syutam pari pasi visvatah svaduksadma yo vasatau syonakrj jivayajam yajate sopama divah
Another appositional employment of abhipitve is found in the long series of temporal terms in 8.27.19-20: yad adya surya udyati priyaksatra rtam dadha yan nimruci prabudhi visvavedaso yad va madhyamdine divah yad vabhipitve asura rtam yate chardir yema vi dasuse vayam tad vo vasavo visvavedasa upa stheyama madhya a (RV 8.27.19-20) When ye Set the law today at sunrise, ye of self-dominion, Or at sunset or at the time of awakening, ye all knowing ones, or be it at midday, Or, Asuras, when ye offer shelter to the law-following worshipper at evening, May we, O all-knowing Vasus, stand in your midst (at all these times).
The clearest expression of the terms meaning is found in 8.1.29, where prapitva- is modified by the adjective apisarvara- 'bordering on the nighttime': mama tva sura udite mama madhyamdine divah mama prapitve apisarvare vasav a stomaso avrtsata (RV 8.1.29) My praises at sunrise, my praises at midday, And my praises at the end of the day near the nighttime have turned towards thee, good one.
(29) On the other hand, Savitr's epithet satyasava points to the nature of his vrata, indicating that his impulse is efficacious: "Whatever he with his lovely fingers set in motion (su-) upon the breadth of the earth and on heaven's height, that (effect) of his is real (satyam asya tat)" (ydt prthivya va rimann a svangurir varsman divah suvati satyam asya tdt [4.54.4cd]).