DIVARTYDivision Artillery
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The DIVARTY counter-fire cell's target acquisition radars located and identified the enemy's indirect fire weapons locations.
The FAIO along with the JAGIC chief along with multiple JAGIC Air Force personnel, the ACE targeting section, the PED section, and other intelligence sections moved to the DIVARTY Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and assumed the dynamic targeting process.
The ChemO can always rely on the intelligence section to obtain chemical downwind messages if he is not receiving them from the brigade combat team or the DIVARTY ASAS also provides the ChemO with the enemy situation, which enhances his situational awareness of the battlefield.
Cantave, Obert, personal experience, 4ID DIVARTY, Fort Hood, Texas, April 1999 to October 2001.
His previous assignments include platoon leader 62d Chemical Company (heavy decon), Republic of Korea; battalion chemical officer, 2-20 Field Artillery Regiment (FAR) (MLRS); HHB 2-20 FAR executive officer; and DIVARTY chemical officer, 4ID DIVARTY.
At the same time, the lCD DIVARTY executed preparatory fires and reported that critical friendly zones were established over the crossing area.
Email message to LTC Brian Scott, "DIVARTY initiative," 20 February 2014.
In May of 2004, prior to my assignment to the division, I was afforded the opportunity to take part in a Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) Leaders Training Program exercise with the DIVARTY headquarters at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, which was designed to better prepare the unit for the impending deployment.
In the words of a former 2d Infantry Division (2ID) Artillery (DIVARTY) counterfire officer, the Q-10 "resembled a box with half an orange on top." It used a parabolic antenna and required the operator to track at least three rounds from the same weapon to compute firing location.
For example, during the IPB (intelligence preparation of the battlefield) process, the division artillery (DIVARTY) S2, in conjunction with the division G2, determines that a certain area contains an enemy division artillery group (DAG).
The target acquisition battery (TAB) in each DIVARTY normally has three Q-36 and two Q-37 radars assigned.
Army DIVARTY are superb tools to collect detailed information on enemy artillery, which in turn is, or can be, the key stone of the enemy's entire offensive or defensive scheme.