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DIVERSEDisseminating Innovative Video Educational Resources for Students Everywhere (conference)
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But I conceive myself the more bound to husband the time that remains the greater my expectation of being able to employ it aright, and I should doubtless have much to rob me of it, were I to publish the principles of my physics: for although they are almost all so evident that to assent to them no more is needed than simply to understand them, and although there is not one of them of which I do not expect to be able to give demonstration, yet, as it is impossible that they can be in accordance with all the diverse opinions of others, I foresee that I should frequently be turned aside from my grand design, on occasion of the opposition which they would be sure to awaken.
The elite cricket policy aligns closely with the International Cricket Council's (ICC) eligibility criteria on the basis of gender recognition and provides transgender and gender diverse cricketers guidance on how they can compete at the highest levels of the sport, consistent with their gender identity.
"There have been many admirable initiatives to try to solve how we can improve the mix and quality of diverse talent in the industry," the report said.
It is a space for art and artists to communicate with the public and promote a connection to the topic through diverse media, said Gulnoori Ghani, Curator , Art For Peace Quetta Edition 2019, while talking to reporter here Monday.
The diverse business communities represented by the alliance of chambers account for an annual estimated contribution of more than$3 trillionto the U.S.
These men and women have professional backgrounds in engineering, law, accounting, information technology and communication, making BGE's leadership team the most professionally diverse in its history.
A recent study highlighted in Fast Company looked at the performance of 3,000 publicly traded companies over 13 years and found that more diverse firms averaged about two extra products in any given year -- about double the typical number for a major company
Funds included in the NAIC Diverse Private Equity Index outperformed the median Cambridge U.S.
Jersey City, New Jersey, was ranked the most culturally diverse, factoring in variables like "ethnoracial, linguistic and birthplace diversity," the study indicated.
They wrote that the Government must do more to encourage white residents to remain in diverse areas, such as placing their children in ethnically mixed schools.