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DIVOTDigital-to-Voice Translator
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They are encouraged to divot fill as they play and this system enables them to act alongside the green keeping team for the benefit of their club.
Swing path: Try to stand behind your divot and analyse where it points in relation to your target.
There are minor divots all over it--and each one can hold a big fish.
From March to October, the girls fill in the divots on the fairways with sand, then for the rest of the year do the more backbreaking work of digging out around 40,000 divots on the Old Course and replacing them Gordon: with fresh turf.
But his love of golf led him to design a tool that he says properly repairs the greens after a ball has caused a divot.
If we're in the politically correct rough (on the left, of course), as we were in 1993, we could grab the "Politics Make For Ugly Art" iron and enjoy digging a nice divot in the turf of the putatively marginalized "Other.
If the divot cut by your countersink bit has a rough, wavy surface, try reader Gerald Serdinak's tip.
Divot the Golfing Clown was there, along with Cowboy Bob and Rockin' Rob of Radio AAHS, who did a live broadcast from the Fitness Farm.
And Divot says putting is no problem if you follow these steps.
Ace Ports striker Garry Haylock kicked a divot in the 43rd minute and damaged his ankle.
This issue Divot wants to show us the chip, which is a much shorter shot.
But that doesn't mean it can't be played by kids; not if Divot has anything to say about it