DIVRDivide Real Reversed
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With the successful implementation of the collaboration, the project consortium recently impressed the jury of the German Institute for Virtual Reality (DIVR).
[DELTA][[PHI].sub.1](x) = 0, [DELTA][DELTA][[PHI].sub.2](x) = 0, [DELTA][DELTA][[PHI].sub.3](x) = 0, [[PHI].sub.1], [[PHI].sub.2], [[PHI].sub.3] are scalar functions, [GAMMA] = ([[GAMMA].sub.1], [[GAMMA].sub.2]); [[GAMMA].sub.1] = [x.sub.2], [[GAMMA].sub.2] = - [x.sub.1], divr [GAMMA] = 0; [c.sub.2] is the sought coefficient, rot = (-[partial derivative]/[partial derivative][x.sub.2], [partial derivative]/[partial derivative][x.sub.1]).
The line-up includes The Machine to be Another, a multisensory interactive system designed by the interdisciplinary art/science collective "BeAnotherLab" as a tool for embodied-immersive storytelling and promotion of empathy and tolerance, and DiVR -- Blue Effect, an atmospheric sci-fi wave shooter that will thrill you, test your endurance and bravery!
(divW)(X, Y)Z = a(divR)(X, Y)Z + b[([[DELTA].sub.x]S)(Y, Z)] - ([[DELTA].sub.x]S)(Y, Z) - 2a-(n-1)[(n-4).sup.b]/2n(n-1)[dr(X)g(Y, Z)-dr(Y)g(X, Z)], (2.9)